The School of Musical Instrument Crafts

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The School of Musical Instrument Crafts, based at Newark College, enjoys a worldwide reputation as a centre of excellence for the traditional crafts of Instrument Making, Restoration and Repair. The School is the only centre in the UK to offer a full range of practical courses in the making, restoration and repair of the stringed instruments of the violin family, the repair and making of woodwind instruments, classical guitar making and training in piano tuning and restoration. The Diploma students can achieve at the College is highly regarded by professionals in the trade.

We have a diverse student community with a mix of ages, nationalities and backgrounds who share a common commitment to maintaining the quality of these traditional bespoke crafts. Our students come from all corners of the world – this currently includes China, Canada, Iceland, Korea and Barbados. 

Students come to the College for a variety of reasons: recognising that the training they receive is the best grounding they could have; to gain and further develop their skills, or just to pursue the craft they love.

Our strength lies in the fact that training is based at the bench, rather than at the desk, ensuring that students leave with the highest quality practical skills and understanding.

Our graduating students are equipped with the necessary practical and business skills to gain employment or self employment within the trade.

Many of our teaching staff work as professionals in the trade so they stay up-to-date with the changing demands of the trade and it’s customers.  All staff are committed to tailoring the course programme to individuals’ own particular needs, skills and aspirations by offering one-to-one support.

The School continues to lead the way, developing standards and qualifications that are recognised throughout the world by the trade and producing prize winning students.

Newark Guitar school is privileged to be involved with European partners in an exciting three year research project. The aim is to investigate the qualities of sustainable woods for use in the lutherie trade.

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